We offer affordable service programs and special services to make your landscape beautiful click on a category below to learn more! We’re state certified, fully insured, and hold a c-27 California Contractors License for all your landscape installation projects. We can customize our services to meet any household budget, just ask. Our convenient payment options include:

  1. Easy-Pay Billing: Billed to your credit or bank card at the time of each service.
  2. Check by Mail: Use our self-addressed invoice envelope left at your door at the time of each service.
  • Lawn Care
  • Flower Bed Weed Control
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Irrigation Service & Repair
  • New Sod / Landscape Installation
  • Aeration, Overseeding, & Revitalization
  • Special Services
Lawn Care
Turn your dry, brown grass to lush and green

Keep your lawn healthy, green, and weed-free with our comprehensive Lawn Care Service. Every 5 1/2 weeks (apx.), our state-certified technicians apply fertilizer, weed treatments, and boosters. Our fertilizer is a premium, balanced blend and our weed treatments include pre- and post-emergent agents that we customize for your specific lawn. Our boosters including micronutrients, potassium, mycorrhizal inoculant, organic bolster, and chelated iron maximize your lawn's health.

We offer Special Services to complement our Lawn Care Service, including semi-annual lawn aerations, fall overseeding, systemic grub control, soil pH correction, and season-specific insect and disease treatments. We highly recommend aerations, which allow more air, water, and nutrients into your lawn's root zone. We test your soil's pH level annually, and recommend correction if needed.

We pride ourselves on results!

Flower Bed Weed Control

Quartely treatments help your ornamentals and flowers flourish by exterminating existing weeds and preventing new weed encroachment for up to six months. Pre-emergent weed treatments are applied spring and fall to all bed areas. Roundup® treatments are applied with each bed weed control service to kill existing weeds. All driveway and sidewalk cracks are also treated.

Tree & Shrub Care

5 evenly scheduled application rounds protect and invigorate your trees and shrubs. Each application includes foliar insect and disease treatments to protect your trees and shrubs. In the spring and fall a foliar fertilizer is applied to promote vibrant green foliage. A horticultural oil is apllied in the winter months to seal disease spores and smother over-wintering insects and their eggs.

Irrigation Service & Repair

We perform quarterly inspections to ensure your lawn is getting proper sprinkler coverage. We highly recommended this service to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. We adjust and fine-tune all of your sprinklers, and repair broken sprinklers and nozels. Broken pipes, valves, and drip line repairs are also available for an additional charge.

New Sod / Landscape Installation
Aeration, Overseeding, & Revitalization

No other special service has a more beneficial effect on your lawn's health than a spring and fall lawn aeration. Our powered aerator machine perforates through your lawn's dense thatch layer. This loosens soil compaction and enable water and nutrients to reach your lawn's roots. Lawn aeration provides the best growth conditions for new grass seedlings combine your fall lawn aeration with our lawn overseeding service to greatly improve lawn carpet density.

Lawn Overseeding

Our Lawn Overseeding service generates new growth and improves lawn density.

Lawn Revitalization

Mychorrhizal Inoculant: Root-zone bio-stimulant to increase nutrient uptake. Organic Bolster: Includes seaweed extract and humic acid to peak growth. Soil Conditioning: Amends soil pH and loosens clay compaction. Soil Lab Analysis: The most accurate report of how well your soil supports growth.

Special Services

We also offer special services that provide for the unique needs of your landscape.


For your lawn, we can overseed (spread grass seed over existing turf) thinning areas. If your soil is compact clay, our soil conditioning treatment will amend it to be more favorable for grass roots. We can test your soil for proper pH range, and balance it if required. Our specialized mychorrhizal inoculant and organic bolster treatments stimulate healthy lawn growth. Other treatments include systemic grub control, Manage® herbicide for nutsedge, Merit® systemic insecticide, and Roundup® applications.

Trees and Shrubs

For your trees and shrubs, we offer specialized fertilization methods, should your landscape require it. A deep-root fertilizer injection provides nutrients directly to tree roots for immediate support.

Green Elements is an enviromentally responsible company that has has been servicing satisfied customers since 1998. Our technicians are state-certified so that your lawn and landscape receive the highest quality service.

Testimonial“Thanks for the great service” Betty J., Sacramento

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